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Silver Age Optoelectronics, Interpreting Brilliance with Strength


As the lightingfairs in 2014 came one after another, a new role – plastic LED bulb light becameimpressive among the lighting fair in spring and it had become the “spokesperson”in bubble market and attracted great attentions in all big exhibitions. As a newaccessories material of LED lighting, we wonder if plastic kit will take prevalsenceon the market and the shortages could be solved along with the technology development.

Imperative “outbreak” of plastic kit

The lighting decorativematerials were dominated by metal and glass materials before the plastic kit isaccepted by the market; limited by the electric conductivity, the metalmaterials are always difficult to pass related verification in safetyregulations even it has unique advantages in heat conduction; besides, themetal materials have higher production costs and environmental pollution andcannot adapt to thedevelopment since the state emphasizes low carbon, greenworld and new ecology environment. Compared with metal materials, the plasticmaterials are featured by better insulation, higher security and could avoidthe electric shock hazard of aluminum alloy materials; The plastic materialsare lighter, with 1.6 g/m3 density when compared with 2.7 g/m3 of aluminum alloy materials; they are more environmentally friendly and generateno pollution to environment during production; they have higher design freedomdegree and can satisfy the designing and manufacturing requirements of complexstructure when compared with aluminum alloy materials; they are featured by easierprocessing and high efficiency , shorten the processing cycle and make costcontrol easier.

At present, thereis a viewpoint in the market that the glass lamp shade products have highergrade than plastic lamp shade, but it is learned that homogenization of glass lampshade is required due to the characteristics of LED light, but the plastic lampshade is featured by even lighting, better resistance to fracture, easierprocessing, less pollution to environment and easier recycle. According to thecertification of authority, the lamp shade made of light diffusion plastics canhave equal or even better light transmittance and appearance than glass lampshade; besides, the heat dissipation can be solved along with the improvementof chips and power supply. However, the scale application of glass materials inLED lighting area is restricted since the characteristics above are unavailable.

Naturally, theplastic materials become the new star according to comparison above. Theplastic materials will become the first choice for lighting enterprises eventhe problem of balance between thermal conductivity and economy is not solvedyet.

There will be an outbreak of plastic kit along with therising of LED lighting, but it doesn’t mean the production of plastic kit isthe “no-loss” business. Only the plastic kits that comply with “three satisfactionsand one optimum” are favored by the enterprises. The so-called “three satisfactions”means the products meet the safety regulations such as resistance to electricbreakdown, resistance to glowing filament and flame retardant; mechanicalproperties such as resistance to high and low temperature impact and resistanceto screw loose; aging properties such as resistance to yellowing and hightemperature; “one optimum” means the optimum cost performance; only the kitswhich are satisfactory to requirements above can stand out in the fierce andnormalized lighting market.

Follow the trend of boosting the plastic kits

As theprofessional LED thermally conductive plastic kit products and light diffusionmaterials manufacturer inChina, Silver Age Optoelectronics provides customers with more cost-effectiveproducts and devotes itself to technical R&D and breakthrough. It hasovercome many technical problems in recent years. In terms of light diffusionmaterials, Silver Age Optoelectronics has created new records in light transmittance,the light transmittance can be > 90% without exposing the lamp beads and flameretardant level can be V-0@0.8mm; besides, it has long-term and goodstability and reduces cost by 20%. Thermal conductive plastics of Silver Age Optoelectronicshas a 1.58 proportion, whiteness above 95%, good toughness, insulation, halogen-freeflame retardant and almost no abrasion to production equipment. In terms oflamp design of kits, Silver Age Optoelectronics replaces die castings with stamping aluminum, which can have equal effects but lowerweight; replaces semicircle lamp shade with mushroomlamp shade, which improves lighting angle and even lighting effects. What’smore, the technical difficulty of ultra-low tortuosity all-plastic straightlamp is solved for success mass production.


Silver Age Optoelectronicsalways keeps the same pace with the market and follows the trend. Along with therising of segmentation of LED lighting market, the consumers become moreenthusiastic about featured products and pay attention to design elements ofproducts; to satisfy the requirements above, Silver Age Optoelectronics willconduct specific review of appearance design according to current market trendbefore producing new products in order to achieve more beautiful lines, morecoordinated proportion and bettermodeling; it also adds some elements to makethe product more innovative and featured, prefers ceramic white with better whiteness and appearance in selecting colors and pays attention tolarge lighting angle in terms of function in order to make the light have evenlighting effects and better practicability.

Interpreting brilliance with strength regardless of competition

LED industry isalways full of wars about price, technology and channels, which makes theindustry competitive. There is increasing competition among enterprises alongwith the rising of plastic kits and it has become a reality that the numerousmanufacturers have to occupy the market share and limited market cakeinevitably.

In face ofcompetition, Silver Age Optoelectronics whichenjoys rich production experience keeps utilizing its advantages and insists onindependent R&D and production of plastic materials regardless of thecompetition and provides the one-stop lighting solution of “material + kits + design”to customers. It strictly controls quality to provide high-quality andcost-effective products to customers; besides,continuous innovation has beenthe critical method of Silver Age Optoelectronics and it has more than 100authorized patents such as invention patent, patent for utility models andappearance patent.

Silver Age Optoelectronicsalso continued to expand its brand effects and interpreted the brilliance withstrength in the incoming 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. It mainlyintroduces the bulb light series and all-plastic pipe kit series products,especially the large lighting angle and high cost effective bulb seriesproducts; in particular, the recently developed new bulb kit products with attractiveappearance, good performance and high cost performance will be exhibited inthis exhibition.