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Silver Age Optoelectronics Goes Global


Sponsored by HongKong Trade Development Council, the 4th 2012 Hong Kong InternationalLighting Fair was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from April6 to 9, 2012. As the grand meeting in the industry, this exhibition attracted internationalparticipants from 12 countries and regions and more than 500 enterprises,including exhibitors from France, Japan, Netherlands and Spain. 25,438 buyers from 135countries visited and purchased in this exhibition, which set a new record; 63%of them were overseas buyers and 37% were local. The source of top 10 buyersincluded China mainland, the USA, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Brazil, Australia and Turkey. The products showcasedincluded all kinds of decorative lighting, environmentally friendly lighting,LED/OLED lighting, lighting accessories and parts, outdoor lighting, retaillighting, professional lighting, lighting management, design and technology,trade, services and publications, etc. We, Dongguan Silver Age Photoelectric MaterialsTechnology Co., Ltd., were invited to attend this international grand meetingby bringing LED heat conduction model in the industry there.

We exhibited highand new materials and products: as an innovative technology, the application of thermally conductive plastics and light diffusion materialsin LED bubble, spotlight and fluorescent tube attracted high attention andcuriosesity from domestic and overseas enterprises. Countless international friendsand persons in related industries came to our booth to consult us for thermallyconductive plastics. A new product must have its own unique advantages in orderto be accepted in the industry. We answered the questions of buyers such aseffects of heat dissipation and introduced the advantages of plastics in heatconduction compared with traditional aluminum alloy materials.


As the sayinggoes, “A good jade porcelain must be tested by diamond”, the test data from alot of our tests have proved the advantages of thermally conductive plastics comparedwith aluminum alloy; compared with aluminum alloy, the plastic thermallyconductive materials has solved the hidden safety problems caused by hightemperature and reduces the weight; unlike aluminum metal, the plastics willnot pollute water, soil and air during processing and it is more environmentallyfriendly and can pass safety regulations such as CE or UL easily; the last butthe most important is, the free design degree of product is greatly improved byinjection molding of thermally conductive materials, which makes processingeasier and reduces the cost. Light diffusion materials can make light raysofter and spread in the space more evenly (from point to surface) to avoiddazzling the eyes.