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Wealways uphold the core value of “people-oriented”, emphasize the training ofemployees’ moral quality and create a “positive, progressive and harmonious”humanistic environment and development platform.

Staff training

Weorganize trainings regarding know-how, skills, quality and outdoor development,etc. yearly and establish a training class for top managers. The sound trainingsystem supplies the shortcut for employees’ self-improvement.

Recreational and sports activities

Wehold employee birthday party each month and organize innumerable annualentertainment evening parties, sports meeting, all kinds of sports events,outdoor team projects, etc. each year. We have established several men'sbasketball teams, one women's basketball team, two basketball cheerleaders andtwo football teams. In addition, Badminton Association organized by theemployees has become a sports association with the largest number ofparticipants. Distinctive recreational and sports activities enrich employees’spare time, shorten the distance among employees and fully interpret the teamspirit indeed.